Online Gambling In Canada

A few clicks on the web reveals: Online Gambling is big, really big. Dozens of providers advertise with attractive offers, such as a high welcome bonus or free spins to attract new players. But how do you know if online gambling in your state is actually legal and how do you find safe and secure online casinos in Canada. At Canada Casino Hub every online casino has been tested and reviewed. A comparison on this website before you sign up, is therefore absolutely recommended to check.
But what about the legal situation in Canada? Are online games of chance even legal in this country?

Is online gambling banned in Canada?

The legal situation regarding online gambling is gray in Canada. Basically online casinos are legal in Canada, but some states require different age limits. However, Canadian licenses from Kahnawake and also the European countries, such as Malta, allow safe and secure online gambling, also in Canada.

Legalization of online gambling in Canada

The vague legal situation will probably come to an end in Q4 of 2022. Because then the previously applicable online casino law will be replaced by the new State Treaty on Gambling. This should then apply in all Canadian states. Gambling providers who want to continue to get involved in the Canadian market can apply for a license accordingly. And then it clearly says: Yes, online gambling is allowed in Canada in every state.

What is possible with the new casino Bill in 2022?

With the new casino Bill, player protection is in the foreground. Included are, responsible gaming tools that can be found on the better online casino already.

With the new law, the focus of the games is primarily on online slots. Nevertheless, the variety of providers and the thrill will continue to exist. Gambling under controlled conditions is the essential change in online gambling in 2022.

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